2012 Conference Program

Updated August 8, 2012

Complete Workshop Descriptions (Full Text pdf)
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Adult Workshop Titles by Category

Below are links to fliers that highlight some specific components of the complete workshop descriptions list, above.

Animal Power Track: Expand your knowledge of working with draft animals to do work on the farm.

Beginning Farmer Track: This track highlights a range of technical and farm-planning topics of particular interest to farmers with fewer than ten years of independent farming experience.

Community Supported Agriculture Track: Presenting a variety of innovations for the CSA model.

Children's Conference Workshops: For ages 5-12.

Nutrient Density Track: Presenting principles of biological farming aimed at improving crop nutritional quality for a variety of scales and applications.

Organic Land Care Track: Attending these workshops qualifies participants for credits in the NOFA Organic Land Care Program.

Permaculture Track: Presenting permaculture approaches to organic agriculture and ecological design.

Teen Conference Workshops: For ages 13-17.

Winter Growing and Season Extension Track: Presenting innovations from the farm to the home scale for growing and storing crops year round