Pre-conferences at the 2012 NOFA Summer Conference

Fighting GMO's: a Pre-Conference Training for Consumers, Community Leaders, Activists, and Organizers with Jeffrey Smith

Thursday, August 9, 1pm-5pm and Friday 8am-12 noon
Registration open Thursday, August 9, from 11:30am-1:30pm

Location: Cape Cod Lounge, UMass Amherst Student Union Price: $65, scholarships available (see below). Discounts: $5 off for NOFA or MOFGA members; $5 off for registering by July 10, 2012.

Pre-Conference GMO Scholarship: NOFA offers $30 scholarships for adults and teens in need, thanks to generous contributions from individuals and businesses concerned with GMO Foods. This Scholarship is only awarded to individuals attending the Fighting GMO's Pre-Conference with Jeffrey Smith. See the website for guidelines and application. Application deadline for the scholarship is August 3rd. Apply for Pre-Conference GMO Scholarship online here.

Pre-Conference Description: Jeffrey M. Smith will teach participants how to speak about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and how to organize effective activism. The seminar will include the five components of a GMO presentation, resources and materials documenting why genetically engineered foods are dangerous, instructions on how to customize PowerPoint slides (provided), and examples of proven organizing techniques to motivate people. Graduates of this Pre-Conference Training with Jeffrey Smith will be invited to join a GMO Speakers Bureau, participate in ongoing webinars, and join the network of active campaigners reclaiming a non-GMO food supply.

Bio: Jeffrey Smith is a pre-eminent opponent of transgenic crops. Author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, he speaks to audiences globally on the dangers of biotech crops for our environment, for human health, and for the future of organic farming. His highly motivational training sessions are legendary and have resulted in hundreds of local activists and consumer groups taking action against the marketing of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Meals: On Thursday evening, organic dinner buffet in Campus Center with beef, chicken, and veggie options at $35. Breakfast served at Worcester Dining Commons on Friday morning (See registration form).

Fundraiser to benefit NOFA/Mass' non-GMO Policy Work
Thursday, August 9, 7:00pm
Location: Cape Cod Lounge
Donation: $25 to $50 (sliding scale)
7:00 PM Screening of the film, Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives
In this film, Jeffrey Smith interviews scientists, farmers and experts from around the world.
8:30 Refreshments and Q&A with Jeffrey Smith

Grow Fruit Naturally with Lee Reich

Friday, August 10, 8am-12noon
Registration open Friday, August 10, from 7:00am-8:30am

Location: Campus Center 904-08
Price: $45. Discounts: $5 off for NOFA or MOFGA members; $5 off if you register by July 10, 2012.

Pre-Conference Description: "Naturally grown" fruits are high in flavor, rich in nutrients, and resistant to pests. With this workshop, students will learn how to select, cultivate, and harvest naturally grown fruits from a backyard "farmden" or small farm. The techniques are designed such that large amounts of time are not needed for good harvests.

The first part of this 3-part workshop covers PLANNING, beginning with the first two steps in growing fruit: selecting the most appropriate fruits and the best varieties for growing organically; and optimizing pest resistance, nutritional quality, and flavor by providing a supportive environment both above and below ground for plants and their ecological partners.

The second part of the workshop covers PLANTING AND MAINTENANCE, including the when and how of planting, initial and maintenance pruning; identifying and dealing with a few pests, should they appear. The presentation will also address making the harvest timely and storing the bounty.

The third part of the workshop will detail the CULTIVATION of a number of fruits, from raspberries to pawpaws to pears to blackberries, blueberries, kiwifruit, apples, and more.

Bio: Lee Reich, PhD is an avid farmdener (more than a gardener, less than a farmer) who turned from agricultural research with the USDA and Cornell University to writing, lecturing, and consulting. He has authored a number of books, including Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden and Grow Fruits Naturally, and his writing appears in newspapers and magazines across the country. He grows and tests a number of uncommon and uncommon fruits, and some subtropicals, on his farmden.

In addition to the above pre-conferences, Both Jeffrey Smith and Lee Reich will be giving two workshops during the NOFA Summer Conference and Jeffrey will present the Saturday Keynote address.

You can register for both the main conference and a pre-conference at the main online registration page. If you want to register for the pre-confernece but not the main conference, you may do so by clicking "Pre-Conference Only" on the first screen of the above link.